RWA Labour was established with the aim of providing a fresh approach to the way in which employers and employees alike interact with each other from a workplace relations point of view.

Through our various experiences and interactions with employees and employers alike, it was felt that something drastically had to change in the way parties engage with one another. We firmly believe that through providing training to all the relevant workplace role players that we would be able to sway the parties from a culture of conflict to a culture of collaboration.

What can we do:

By providing the necessary support when it comes to running the labour aspect of your business effectively and in line with the relevant labour legislation, productivity is bound to increase and unnecessary labour issues will be handled with care and a high level of expertise.

Through our on-going support and guidance, it will allow you as a business owner to do what you do best, and that is to focus on making your business a success through achieving your business objectives. We therefore don’t just assist you with compliance and employee related queries but rather aim to be seen as a partner in taking your business to new heights through the effective implementation and monitoring of workplace policies and best practice guidelines.

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